thumbnail Simply put what separates Cold Water Boats from its competition starts with its unique construction and is highlighted by its meticulous outfitting. All Cold Water Boats are fully welded and constructed of 5000 series aluminum alloy. Stemming from our history in the commercial fishing industry we have adapted the use of our full line keel, web framing, and bow wrap to each and every one of our boats today. These are common features in the commercial industry but hard to come by in the recreational market. We find this mostly due in part to high cost, technical expertise, time to produce and equipment needed to accomplish these unique characteristics. By applying these features we have created one of the driest, strongest, most seaworthy vessels found in this category of boat today. Our construction starts from a CAD designed router cut hull that is assembled with a full line ¼” thick aluminum keel with framing every 19” from bow to stern. Once fully welded by our experienced professionals the hull lends itself superior strength and the ability to handle just about whatever seas are thrown its way. The cabin is constructed in a very similar fashion with an additional emphasis on visibility, comfort and sound reduction. The deck features comfortable side heights, self bailing drains, and large amount of workable square footage. When all matted together our vessels offer the owner a real sense of security and comfort that once experienced they find it hard to settle for anything less.