thumbnail Ever splurge on something, ever been asked to do something normal for once, a little over the top sometimes? That could be our life model! Never one to be accused of producing something average and our customers are often ones that have the means to enjoy something that is simply a cut above the rest. Cold Water Boats Inc. and its parent company All Points Marine have been crafting quality aluminum boats for over 34 years and have come to realize that it is not always what you see but what you don’t see that makes the difference. In a world of smoke and mirrors its all too often you may notice a problem with your purchase when it is too late. From the beginning our vessels layout and materials are selected by the owner. This process is one in which we do our best to mate the ideals of the customer with our experience in the industry. Each custom aluminum boat is then outfitted using only the highest quality of equipment and materials available in the marine industry. In addition our team of engineers, designers, electricians and carpenters meticulously run each wire, install each fitting or plumb each drain as if they were working on there own boat today and maintaining it tomorrow. This may sound like a simple concept but is all too often overlooked in an industry that is driven by high production levels. At Cold Water these details are what set us apart from the competition and we openly invite every customer to look under our decks to see the difference for themselves. These extra steps and many others are taken to allow the purchaser of a Cold Water Boat to rest assured that no expense was spared or short cut was taken in the deliver their new custom aluminum boat. Our hopes are that each and every customer will spend time enjoying their investment rather than working on it.