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Cold Water Boats and its parent company All Points Marine incorporated, have manufactured aluminum boats for over 34 years. By combining optimal performance and excellent craftsmanship the two companies have achieved a reputation of master boat manufactures. President and founder Bruce Nyblod began building his precision cut, hand crafted boats in 1975. Bruce achieved his design knowledge through his experience commercial fishing both the Puget Sound and the rigorous waters of Bristol Bay Alaska, beginning at 15 years of age. It was his experience and dedication as a commercial fisherman that landed Bruce the capability to excel in his craftsmanship and production of aluminum vessels during the off season. Built for commercial duty, Bruce’s boats had to be dependable, functional and safe which are the precise characteristics you will find in each and every one of his hand crafted Cold Water Boats today. In 1980, Bruce formed All Points Marine and began production on the first of many aluminum crafted gillnet vessels. Within a few short years these boats became highly sought after for their unparalleled durability, speed, and function many of which can still be found today hard at work. In continuing the success’s found in commercial fishing the company was expanded to include production of boats for sport fishing, pleasure, and charter service by forming Cold Water Boats. Once again propelling his company to the forefront of the aluminum pleasure craft market Bruce has enjoyed sharing his knowledge and experience with his work force. Cold Water Boats continues its leadership in the industry by never resting on its loyals and continually pushing the envelope in production of each one of its handcrafted vessels.

With a dedicated family of exceptional craftsmen Cold Water Boats looks forward to creating a vessel which will exceed all your expectations and desires of what a superb vessel should be.